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Strategic Benefit Network Member Agencies


Centurion Insurance Agency

Centurion Insurance is a commercial property and casualty agency. We specialize in the sales to middle market accounts and focus on two fields, Contractors and Manufacturing. Centurion is a service-oriented agency, with the support team to back it up. We do best with clients that look for a partner. They know that price is important but also understand the importance of risk management, and we provide it. Since we provide a partnership that emphasizes service, we don’t solicit small accounts that buy insurance as a commodity. Centurion currently has a laser focus on manufacturing accounts and we have a good market share of manufacturing, because they partner with us to manage their risk. This allows us to have the strong backing of the insurance companies. The insurance companies like our business model and our profitability. Centurion has the insurance markets that allow our clients get the price they demand and the services they require. The insurance companies agree with us that Michigan’s growth is in manufacturing. Centurion has been part of that growth, and we plan on a being a major player in manufacturing as it grows tomorrow.




Location - Okemos, MI

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